eCopy Support

(if you use skype call ecopysoftware)
Phone: 206-452-3331

How many years "if any at all" of support do you have?

Click on the image below to find out.

You need support yet you don't know if you are still under a support contract? Read on!

With your 21 character license key in the ready, once you click on "click here" you will be able to see if you have support.
You will be able to see if you need to buy support. "Did you know you don't have to buy support for your sharescan station to use eCopy Desktop
or eCopy PaperWorks!" You can break out the software, from your ShareScan station, buy support just for the software.

with eCopy Desktop or PaperWorks open... Options>Preferences>licensing
It is here you can access your Product Key. It is the product key you put into the the Decryptor

Click here